Galaxy Volleyball
Year - 7
July 25, 2022

36 U14 teams and you’re looking at 1st Gold group A and 1st Gold group B. These 2 teams have been sharing a net for the past 2.5 months. They’ve been playing nothing but volleyball. Kudos to these coaches for being consistent in everything they are doing. Consistently is a big word far as training/coaching…

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0 January 18, 2021 991 Views

Man! What a weekend of volleyball’n down in Rock Hill. Galaxy performed very well. What I loved watching the most is the culture. It’s not some cheesy slogan or billboard ad. Our passion, hearts, positive vibe – you can’t beat it. We have taken the sport of volleyball here in Gaston, and in 5 years,…

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0 January 3, 2021 960 Views

Coach Kayla Nicole Moss caught this gem at the opening game this Saturday. 13s trying to figure out their pre game chant. I really needed this today. Soon this crew will be 18s. Working jobs, finishing high school, and slaying volleyball. Hopefully starting their young adult lives with some confidence. Some kindness, some leadership, some teamwork. Not…

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0 December 12, 2020 116434 Views

Galaxy tryouts day 1. Big thanks to all the players and coaches. As a director I am VERY excited about the talent that came thru this gym today. This is going to be an absolutely amazing indoor season. Day 2 tomorrow night will be one more group of 16s (Dave). Offers will start going out…

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0 October 11, 2020 752 Views