Tournament Results February 13-14

  • February 19, 2021
  • toddesloan
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Carolina Select Foothills Clash

12 Kayla, 13 club, 3rd overall

President’s Day Challenge 2021

13 Kayla, 13th overall, Bronze 1st

14 Jordan, 16th overall, Silver 5th

14 Callie, 6th overall, Gold 6th

16 Todd, 4th overall, Gold 4th

16 Lolimar, 12th overall, Bronze 1st

16 Bridget, 9th overall, Silver 1st

16 Leigh, 17s 6th overall, Silver 2nd

16 Dave, 17s 11th overall, Bronze 2nd

17 Joe, 12th overall, Bronze 3rd

17 Ashley, 18s 5th overall, Gold 5th

A lot of National and Seminational schedule indoor teams. And you all for the most part ran with them. Your director and indoor coaches are super proud of that!! Marv Dunphy’s line that “it’s not how tall you are, it’s how good you are” was stamped over and over on these indoor courts this weekend.

If you took the total money some of those clubs teams collect minus the total money our teams collect we could probably build our own facility..

🤙🤙🤙#galaxy #2021


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