Galaxy Kickoff Classic

  • January 3, 2021
  • toddesloan
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Man! What a weekend of volleyball’n down in Rock Hill.

Galaxy performed very well. What I loved watching the most is the culture. It’s not some cheesy slogan or billboard ad. Our passion, hearts, positive vibe – you can’t beat it.

We have taken the sport of volleyball here in Gaston, and in 5 years, turned it into a lifestyle for these girls and young women. The environment they have created is amazing, and extremely fun to watch and enjoy.

Our indoor teams hit these tournaments, and they don’t stop. I watch them slam floors, hit chairs – ribs, wrists, stomachs. I watched ankles tweak, knees bang, get carried off the court onto the trainer station, get taped up, only to return and fight alongside their teammates. I see balls hitting faces, fighting back tears, but not coming off the court.

They hurt, as coaches we see it, especially as they get older, but man they won’t leave their teammates on that floor in battle. Ever.

Our culture is legit. 🤙🤙🤙#galaxy #2021


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