2023 NCHSSVA Registration Charlotte/Western NC Conference

2023 NCHSSVA Registration Charlotte/Western NC Conference

  • All Current High School students, freshman – seniors. Teams must consist of 2 girls or 2 boys. This is not COED.
  • Team Registration $30/player ($60/team) plus a USAV membership (most of you already have this membership if you are currently playing indoor club.). If needing to get a USAV membership, an inexpensive Outdoor membership ($15) is available from Carolina Region/USAV at https://memberships.sportsengine.com/org/84881/
  • Deadline to sign up – March 22. Please do not wait until the last minute though, match scheduling is harder if everyone waits to sign up
  • Matches are played on Sundays starting March 26 (always PM afternoon start) at Gaston College Beach facility (201 US-321, Dallas, NC 28034). April 29-30 will be Charlotte/Western region tournament for bids to States):
    • March 25 (kick-off! ALL HS players are invited to come and watch Gaston College Beach Rhinos Invitational collegiate tournament)
    • March 26 (HS league matches start)
    • April 2
    • April 9 (no volleyball- Easter)
    • April 16
    • April 23
    • April 29-30 (our tournament for State playoff bids)
  • 2022 State playoffs: Fri evening/Sat morning/mid-day – May 5-6, 2023 at Southern Sand in Apex, NC (Fri evening would be the Best Individual Pairs competitions – boys and girls, with Saturday being the Best Clubs competitions)

Registration Closed

Current Schools/Teams registered (as of 3/21/2023):


  • Highland School of Technology
    • Ryann Sloan (Sr) & Abby Fallin (S)
    • Kylie Hubers (F) & Savana Brame (F)
    • Kendall Bynum (S) & Kenyara Brooks (F)
    • Finley Watson (F) & Julianna Mott (F)
    • Oakleigh Shields (Sr) & Lauren Truett (Sr)
  • Piedmont Charter
    • Kaela Bryson (J) & Addison Key (S)
    • Enna Kendrick (S) & Chloe Raby (J)
  • Forestview
    • Anna Townsend (Sr) / Addison Townsend (F)
    • Ardyn Thornburg (F) / SJ Jentz (S)
    • Madison Dearing (Sr) / Kiley Harmon (S)
    • Angelee Gomez / Camila Vivas
  • East Gaston
    • Cooper Payne (F) / Olivia Horneman (F)
  • Stuart Cramer
    • Reece Hawkins (F) / Kyleigh Hawkins (F)
    • Ainsley VanderMeer (J) / Lucy Weaver (J)
  • Cherryville
    • Katherine (Kate) Mulvey (F) / Emily Allen (F)
    • Kate Bookout (F) / Raylei Gidney (F)
    • Rileigh Kiser (Sr) / Taylor Digh (J)
    • Logan McCorkle / Elizabeth Diaz
  • Clover
    • Calais Augustine (Sr) / Julia Waugh (Sr)
  • Legion Collegiate Academy
    • Maddax Hutto (J) / Kayleee Totherow (J)
    • Kelley Wilder (J) / Ariel Gallman (J)
  • Hough
    • Jordan Griffin / Bloom Princell
    • Jade Tinsley / Rosalyn Nightingale
    • Brooklyn Murphy / Mckenzi Moyer
  • South Mecklenburg
    • Karina Notaro (Sr) & Valentina Rodriguez (Sr)
  • Western House Group 1
    • Peyton Hunsucker (F) / Piper Riley (F)
    • Olivia Van Pelt (S) / Amy Thomas (S)
  • Western House Group 2
    • Janiya Mooring (S) & Suhani Kondasani (S)
    • Bridget Lancaster (S) & Cameran Cannon (S)
    • Hannah Spatola / Brisa Reyes


  • Lake Pointe Academy
    • Soren Mayhall / Zander Litaker
    • Caleb Brewer / Seth Lunsford
    • Nathan De Sa / Jack Arnold
  • Clover
    • Ryan Daly, Jr. / Cade Brodie

What does the North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) think of this? While sand volleyball is not sanctioned by NCHSAA (and won’t even be considered until around 25% of member schools are participating in sand volleyball activities), it is not blocking schools from starting sand volleyball programs. The NCHSAA views sand volleyball as a separate sport from indoor volleyball and therefore is not applying any rules regarding when and how many players an indoor volleyball coach can supervise during sand volleyball activities. The same participation eligibility rules that apply to students when competing in sanctioned sports should also apply to participation in sand volleyball clubs. The NCHSAA is NOT permitting any “beach” practices on an indoor hard court.

How is this sand volleyball currently designated at high schools? Sand volleyball is a club and should adhere to any school-specific rules regarding the formation of a club or club sport. This can vary from school to school but typically involves a school staff/faculty member serving as a “sponsor” for the club and perhaps some documentation being filed such as a purpose statement and/or by-laws statement. In many cases, Athletic Directors do not even play a role because sand volleyball is considered a club activity. In some cases where no official school support can be obtained for a club, OR only 2-4 students from the same school can self-organize and be involved, we will merge them with another school/club so 6 players (3 teams) can be formed to represent that “club”. For example- 2 players (1 team) from school A merge with 4 players (2 teams) from school B.

When is the playing season? Each club (school group) is free to set whatever season they want for practices/training but competitions will be from the end of March to early May. Matches will take place Sunday afternoons into early Sunday evenings. Clubs/schools will “duel” each other. For example “Forestview vs Highland Tech”, in which doubles teams 1-3 will play teams 1-3 from each school. This is very similar to the collegiate beach system, tennis, golf, etc.

Who can play? How many participants do you need? This is open to boys and girls (with or without volleyball experience).

Is there a state playoff? Yes, playoffs will be contested using a tournament format in early May. The location may vary from year to year. Playoffs feature a “Best Pairs” competition where the best individual teams (girls and boys) face off. There is also a “Best Club” championship featuring 3 girls’ teams from each participating club (school) facing off in a dual-meet format against teams from other clubs. We will also be looking to introduce a “Best Boys Conference” competition for the boys where 3 boys’ teams from each conference (teams do not have to be from the same school) face off against counterparts from other conferences. In all cases, there is a selection process for teams and clubs in order to participate.

Where to practice/compete? Charlotte/Western NC region can practice in Charlotte at Renaissance park. Gaston residents can practice at New Hope sandbox, Gaston Christian High School, or Thirsty Social Club for example.

What about uniforms? Gym/volleyball shorts and t-shirts/tank tops with a school logo are acceptable. Tops must cover the trunk area. Numbers on shirts are NOT necessary.



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