U13 Regional

Our U13 Regional team focuses on continuing to grow great volleyball talent through regional competitions. This team will practice twice weekly and will participate in 5tournament days throughout the season playing in both USAV Carolina Region and USAV Palmetto Region. Regional teams will work their way through the ranks within the regions during a season which runs November through March with practice twice weekly. Regional teams are competitive and coaches are hyper focused on progression and development to prepare athletes for future club play, as well as training them to improve their performance for middle school, junior varsity volleyball and beyond.

The U13 Regional team will practice Thursday and Sunday nights.


U13 – 7:40 PM – 9:00 PM


U13 – 7:10 PM – 8:30 PM


2016-2017 U13 Player Dues: If paying monthly, third payment of $62.50 will be collected at practice, Jan. 22nd.

Head Coach Todd Sloan

usa United States
Current Team
U12 Regional, U13 Regional

Assistant Coach Allison Haun

usa United States
Current Team
U13 Regional

2016-2017 U13 Regional

24Jacie JarvisSetter
16Madison HuffmanHitter
15Oakleigh ShieldsHitter
14Chloe HaunHitter
12Whitney WhitesidesSetter
11Jael JordanSetter
8Emma GhorleySetter
7Kaitlyn KincaidHitter
4Emmi HaunSetter
2Vonnie PasourHitter

2016-2017 Tournament Results Carolina Region

1U13 Regional1072351817720
2U12 Regional894291910940

2016-2017 Tournament Results Palmetto Region

1U13 Regional16581073580
2U12 Regional148112102810

2016-2017 Tournament Results Charlotte Regional

1U13 Regional0826000.000
2U12 Regional0606000.000