U12 Regional

Our U12 Regional team focuses on continuing to grow great volleyball talent through regional competitions. This team will practice twice weekly and will participate in 5-6 tournament days throughout the season. Within these tournaments will be our annual two-day Queen City Classic and one-day tournaments throughout the Carolina Region. Regional teams will work their way through the ranks within the Carolina region during a season which runs November through March with practice twice weekly! Many of the future club players began their club volleyball journey right here!!

The U12 Regional team will practice Thursday and Sunday nights.


U12 – 6:00 PM – 7:20 PM


U12 – 5:30 PM – 6:50 PM


2016-2017 U12 Player Dues: If paying monthly, third payment of $62.50 will be collected at practice, Jan. 22nd.

SA Service Aces are a service attempt that directly results in a point won. A service ace is awarded to a player:
(1) If the serve strikes the opponent’s court untouched.
(2) If the serve is passed by the opponent but cannot be kept in play (i.e. the ball is not in control).
(3) If the referee calls a violation on the receiver (i.e., lift, double hit).
(4) If the receiving team is out of rotation (i.e., overlap).
Sets Played is the number of sets participated by the player.
– Kills from an attack attempt that directly results in a point won. A kill is awarded to a player any time an attack is unreturnable by the opposition and is a direct cause of the opponent not returning the ball (i.e. the ball is not in control), or any time the attack leads directly to a blocking error by the opposition.  Also included are any volleys, digs, overpasses and downballs that directly results in a point won.
– Blocks
DIG – Digs

Head Coach Todd Sloan

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Current Team
U12 Regional, U13 Regional

Assistant Coach Alisa Bryson

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Current Team
U12 Regional

2016-2017 U12 Regional

Ryann SloanHitter00000
Sarah SimondsHitter00000
Kyla BachelorHitter00000
Peyton HamlinHitter00000
Kiley HarmonHitter00000
Naa Koshie Larbi – SiawSetter00000
Abby TurlingtonSetter00000
Alexus NealHitter00000
Maddison DearingSetter00000
Kaela BrysonSetter00000
Abigail OsborneSetter00000