Gaston Galaxy Volleyball Club, Inc.

Volleyball has become the second-most-played sport in the world. In essence, it is a rebound sport with a very quick transition from offense to defense. Players must be ready at all times. It is the ultimate team game, in which cannot be dominated by an individual player. Besides tennis, volleyball is the only sport where players cannot stop the ball. Players must think before making ball contact, and then proceed with an action in which changes the direction of the ball without stopping it.

Gaston Galaxy Volleyball Club, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit founded in 2016 to provide an environment where juniors can develop as student athletes through the sport of volleyball, and to increase the quality of play in Gaston County.

The club is a firm believer that sports define who you can become in the adult world. Sports challenge you mentally, physically and emotionally. The game of volleyball creates an environment where you have no choice but to learn skills such as strong communication, leadership, teamwork, strategic thinking, empathy, drive, motivation….you name it. When you lose, use those failed events to learn, grow confidence, build grit and instill passion in a pursuit to reach your ultimate goals. Outcomes don’t define successful people, they define themselves.

We offer programs for female juniors, starting at the U12 level of play. Each age group emphasizes game like drills in practice, which transfers into faster “reading” of the game, or volleyball IQ. The game teaches the game. Coaches develop and mentor competitive teamwork and systems based upon what has been learned.

Gaston Galaxy embraces the old school way of training, and our young athletes will transition into really good all around volleyball players, playing all over the court. Our philosophy is simple, “Love the game”.

We are committed. Our motivation, planning and execution is based off our love for the sport, the love for our families and love for Gastonia.